Mike Warren is a internationally known expert and speaker about a variety of real estate topics and online and offline social media.

His presentation style has been described as a "edutainment"; a mix of education and entertainment.

Mike speaks and teaches through platform, teleseminar, webinar, and video conferencing and his specialties include:

  • Making money with judgment liens - profiting from property you never have to buy
  • Buying defaulted mortgages from banks for pennies on the dollar
  • Tax lien investing - getting 18% guaranteed by the government
  • Guerrilla Credit - building business lines of credit (even if you have bad credit) and getting cash for any purpose
  • On the social media side he helps businesses and individuals linking Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Blogs to drive more traffic and public awareness to your company or project.
  • Outsource Your life - secrets to using virtual assistants to manage your life and business.

If you want a great speaker who provides great content in an entertaining style, Mike is the person who can drive in revenue by re-energizing your group, club, or organization. If you are feeling overwhelmed by social media or need more leads for your business, ask about Mike's video training.

Mike has trained tens of thousands in real estate and social media over the past 20 years and has been in front of groups with 20-1,500+. Mike Warren speaks, trains and coaches both nationwide and internationally about real estate and online and offline Social Media.


Making Money on Property You Never Have to Buy While Outsourcing All the Work. People all around the world are struggling to make ends meet and generate a little extra money for their families or replace a job that they hate. The good news is that Mike Warren is the best at making money in real estate right from the comfort of your own home using the internet.  If you are fed up with not getting the income you deserve, then you must learn Mike’s secrets. The fact is, you don’t have to buy, sell or rent real estate to make money.  You can make money from the comfort of home without the hassles of travel, dealing with banks, or investing lots of money.

At this popular event, Mike will teach you how to tap into this secretive world.  Specifically Mike will teach you:
  • How to tap into the hidden $2 Trillion market
  • How to find deals virtually using the internet
  • How to profit from deals without investing more than just $1
  • How to outsource all of the work for as little as $1.38 an hour
  • How to expand your business and get 5x more productivity without spending any additional money
  • How to manage everything online
  • Key tools, resources and websites that make it all super easy and profitable
  • How to automate everything